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The Access to Medicine Foundation stimulates and guides pharmaceutical companies to do more for the people living in low- and middle-income countries without access to medicine.

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Methodology reflects stakeholder views on AMR priorities for pharma companies

The methodology for the 2018 Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark will evaluate how pharmaceutical companies are responding to the rising threat from AMR. It will map the actions of 30 companies against agreed priorities for limiting AMR, structured around three Research Areas. Read more >>

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Now online: first independent framework for assessing pharma company action on AMR

24 Aug 2017
Today, the Access to Medicine Foundation publishes the methodology for its 2018 Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark. It is the first independently developed framework for evaluating how pharmaceutical companies are taking action to limit antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

New study finds wide variety in pharma companies’ cancer access programmes

18 May 2017
The Access to Medicine Foundation has systematically mapped how large research-based pharmaceutical companies are responding to the growing cancer crisis in low and lower-middle income countries.

The Access to Medicine Foundation has moved!

21 Apr 2017
The Access to Medicine Foundation has outgrown its former office in Haarlem and moved to a larger space in Amsterdam. The new office is close to the Amsterdam Sloterdijk station on Naritaweg 227-A, 1043 CB, Amsterdam.

Out now: the first Access to Vaccines Index

06 Mar 2017
The first Access to Vaccines Index will be published on Monday 6 March, 2017. It is the first tool of its kind to present the current landscape of vaccine company behaviour when it comes to making vaccines more accessible for the populations that need them.

Foundation to track pharma company progress on AMR

13 Dec 2016
The Access to Medicine Foundation has started work on a new tool – an Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark that will track how pharmaceutical companies are responding to the increase in drug-resistance. The AMR Benchmark is currently funded by the UK and Dutch governments.
Access to Medicine Index Cover

Access to Medicine Index 2016

The only in-depth comparison of the world’s largest pharma companies on how they improve access to medicine for the poor.

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Access to Vaccines Index Cover

Access to Vaccines Index 2017

The first tool to show how vaccine companies are responding to calls to increase access to vaccines.

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New positions in Research, Strategy, AMR
Interested in working toward the next Access to Medicine Index or our new AMR Benchmark? Or in joining the Foundation’s Strategy team?


Access to medicine: a material issue for investors
Investors engage with the Foundation for insight into our analysis of the pharma sector, including into governance structures, R&D and pricing strategies.

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Some pathogens are resistant to most #meds on the market. Our #AMRBenchmark will map R&D for new antimicrobials:… t.co/SobiIg4f4i

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.@CMO_England commends @AtMIndex to develop first ever #AMR Benchmark measuring & incentivising #pharma action!… t.co/hocQ80P5vb

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Incentivising pharma to develop medicine for the poor
Which mechanisms work for engaging pharma companies in R&D for diseases of poverty?

“To improve access, we believe pharmaceutical companies need to focus on how
they deploy their products, and, as global citizens, collaborate on the development of strong health systems.”

Jayasree K. Iyer, Executive Director, Access to Medicine Foundation.


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Improving industry responsiveness to public health priorities


Employing ‘access-thinking’ in product deployment


Addressing unmet needs through R&D

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