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The Access to Medicine Foundation stimulates and guides pharmaceutical companies to do more for the people living in low- and middle-income countries without access to medicine.

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New online: the first Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark

First independent assessment of pharma company action on AMR

The 2018 Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark is now online. It is the first report to assess how pharmaceutical companies are tackling rising rates of drug-resistant infections. The Benchmark finds evidence of good practice in multiple areas – the task now is to expand them to more products.
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Access to Medicine Foundation in India to discuss AMR strategies

12 Mar 2018
India is home to more than a billion people, who face increasing rates of drug resistance. From 12-16 March, the Access to Medicine Foundation will be in New Delhi and Mumbai, India, to meet with Indian-based pharmaceutical companies and government representatives to share ideas and opportunities to limit drug resistance. The Foundation’s Executive Director, Jayasree K. Iyer, will also speak at the Delhi End TB Summit.

New IP-sharing framework to accelerate R&D

21 Feb 2018
The Access to Medicine Foundation has worked with BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH) to develop a framework for identifying which IP assets are most difficult for companies to share, yet most likely to speed up R&D of the medicines and vaccines needed by people living in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Want to work at the Access to Medicine Foundation? We’re hiring!

09 Feb 2018
The Access to Medicine Foundation started in 2003 with a single idea: to encourage pharmaceutical companies to compete to be the best at helping the world’s poorest people access the medicine they need. Today our work is recognised as having a unique effect on how the industry responds to public health priorities. If you want to come to Amsterdam to join our change-making team, now is the time—we’re hiring.

Live WEF discussion with Bill Gates & Jayasree Iyer at 1pm CET: “New Era For Global Health”

25 Jan 2018
Jayasree K. Iyer joins Bill Gates and others to discuss how new leadership, policy and business models are rewriting the global health playbook.

The first Benchmark launches at the WEF in Davos

24 Jan 2018
At 14:00 CET on Tuesday 23 January, Jayasree K. Iyer, Executive Director of the Access to Medicine Foundation, will launch the first Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark in a livestreamed WEF press conference.

Now published: first independent comparison of pharma companies’ efforts to address drug-resistant infections

24 Jan 2018
The Benchmark compares how a cross-section of the pharmaceutical industry is responding to the threat from drug-resistant infections. It measures the 30 most active players in antimicrobial development and production and includes multinational pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms and manufacturers of generic medicines.
Access to Medicine Index Cover

Access to Medicine Index 2016

The only in-depth comparison of the world’s largest pharma companies on how they improve access to medicine for the poor.

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Access to Vaccines Index Cover

Access to Vaccines Index 2017

The first tool to show how vaccine companies are responding to calls to increase access to vaccines.

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Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark 2018

The first detailed analysis of pharmaceutical company action against antimicrobial resistance.

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We’re hiring!

New positions in Research, Strategy and Communications
Interested in working toward the next Access to Medicine Index or joining the Foundation’s Strategy or Communications teams?


Access to medicine: a material issue for investors
Investors engage with the Foundation for insight into our analysis of the pharma sector, including into governance structures, R&D and pricing strategies.

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Incentivising pharma to develop medicine for the poor
Which mechanisms work for engaging pharma companies in R&D for diseases of poverty?

“To improve access, we believe pharmaceutical companies need to focus on how
they deploy their products, and, as global citizens, collaborate on the development of strong health systems.”

Jayasree K. Iyer, Executive Director, Access to Medicine Foundation.


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Mainstreaming inclusive business models


Improving industry responsiveness to public health priorities


Employing ‘access-thinking’ in product deployment


Addressing unmet needs through R&D

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