Research Areas

The 2018 AMR Benchmark compares what 30 pharmaceutical companies are doing to help bring antimicrobial resistance under control. Its 2018 assessment is based on a framework of 17 metrics across three Research Areas. Here are summaries of the 2018 Benchmark's findings from each Research Area, including which companies take the lead.     

A Research & Development

Reporting on companies’ R&D activities to develop new medicines and vaccines that target pathogens posing the greatest threat to human health. This Research Area maps R&D pipelines, highlights areas of focus and where gaps remain, and looks at how companies plan ahead to ensure new products can be rapidly made available for people in need.

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B Manufacturing & Production

Comparing companies’ strategies for limiting the impact of antibacterial manufacturing on resistance. This Research Area evaluates how thorough companies' environmental risk-management strategies are, whether they set limits on antibiotic discharge; and how they apply these strategies to third-party suppliers.

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C Appropriate Access & Stewardship

Examining how companies aim to increase appropriate access to antimicrobial medicines while ensuring they are used conservatively. This Research Area assesses companies’ access strategies for antimicrobial products in 106 low- and middle-income countries, alongside their global stewardship initiatives.

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