Report cards

The 2020 Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark includes a set of 30 company report cards that provide detailed overviews of how the biggest players in the antibiotic market are responding to appropriate access and the rise of antimicrobial resistance. Click on a company to explore its performance, portfolio and pipeline, as well as tailored opportunities for it to take further action. 

Large R&D-based companies

GSK leads the group in 2020, followed closely by Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. Shionogi has moved up into third, in front of Novartis and Otsuka. All companies in this group take diverse action to limit AMR. However, only a few continue to expand efforts to safeguard this critical area of modern medicine.

Generic medicine manufacturers

Cipla, Teva and Fresenius Kabi take the lead in this group in 2020. All three are implementing policies that will help ensure antibacterial and antifungal medicines are promoted responsibly. Against a backdrop of greater disclosure, the leaders in this group are reported as taking additional steps against AMR compared to 2018.

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