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The 2018 Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark includes 30 company report cards that provide detailed overviews of how pharmaceutical companies are taking action to limit AMR. Click on a company to explore its performance, portfolio and pipeline, as well as tailored opportunities for it to take further action.

The Benchmark compares how a cross-section of the pharmaceutical industry is responding to the threat from drug-resistant infections. It measures the 30 most active players in antimicrobial development and production and includes multinational pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms and manufacturers of generic medicines. 

It tracks companies in three main areas: R&D for new antimicrobials, policies for ensuring antibiotics are manufactured responsibly, and approaches to ensure antimicrobials are accessible and used wisely. 

The report cards are divided into five areas:

  • Performance This section explains the relevance of the company for the Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark and its overall performance. It covers the drivers behind its scores and the mmain areas where the company scores well or poorly compared to peers.
  • Sales and Operations This section provides a general description of the company’s global operations, including recent changes in its business (e.g., acquisitions or divestments), focussing on its antimicrobial business. For biopharmaceutical companies with no products on the market, this section is called 'Operations'.
  • Antimicrobial Portfolio This provides a description of the number and type of antimicrobial medicines the company markets as of September 2017 and the proportion included on the WHO EML (Section 6).
  • Opportunities This section outlines opportunities for the company to do more to ensure access to antimicrobials and ensure their appropriate use. The opportunities take into account company-specific characteristics as far as possible.
  • Performance by Research Area These three sections summarise company performance for each of the Research Areas, by indicator. The paragraphs describe the company’s performance and highlight (where available) relevant examples of its activities. The research areas are A Research & Development, B Responsible Manufacturing and C Appropriate Access and Stewardship.

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