Most on-patent products filed for registration where need is highest

Product registration
New medicines cannot be made widely available until companies register them. GSK has the largest number of on-patent products filed for registration in access countries. Access countries are 102 low- and middle-income countries with a high burden of disease and high need for greater access to medicine.
53 access countries

Low- and middle-income countries face the highest burden of infectious disease, but treatments can only be marketed in these countries once registered for sale. Filing products for registration in low- and middle-income countries represents an important first step in making a products available. It can also assist in collecting epidemiological data, increasing market size and improving competition. The Benchmark has identified 102 low- and middle-income countries where greater access to antibacterial and antifungal medicines are needed, referred to as 'access countries'.

How does GSK demonstrate best practice?
GSK demonstrates best practice, having filed eight of its nine on-patent vaccines for registration in access countries, and six vaccines in more than 10 access countries. These vaccines prevent diseases including pneumonia, tetanus, hepatitis B and polio. Synflorix®, which protects babies and children from pneumonia and meningitis, is the most widely filed vaccine: GSK has filed this vaccines for registration in 51 access countries, with a quarter (13) of these low-income, nearly half (24) lower middle-income, and a fifth (10) in sub-Saharan countries. GSK has also filed two other vaccines widely: Infanrix Hexa®, which prevents diseases such as diphtheria, tetanus and polio in infants (32 countries); and Boostrix®, which prevents tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis in older children and adults (20 countries). GSK has the largest number of registration filings of on-patent products: a total of 149 across 53 access countries.

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