First independent report to assess pharma action on AMR.

The AMR Benchmark is a tool for tracking the pharmaceutical industry’s response to AMR. It highlights innovative actions, to encourage more companies to seize opportunities for change.

What we measure

The AMR Benchmark evaluates how 30 pharmaceutical companies are responding to the global threat of AMR. In 2020, it will look at company actions relating to medicines and vaccines for bacterial and fungal infections. Find out more about the research scopes.

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How we measure

The AMR Benchmark evaluates pharmaceutical companies in areas where they have the biggest potential and responsibility to limit antimicrobial resistance, such as R&D and managing manufacturing waste. Find out more about the analytical framework.

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The research process

The Foundation’s team of researchers measures company behaviour using a rigorous process of data-collection, verification, scoring and analysis. Find out more about what these phases involve.

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How we work with experts

Every two years, the Benchmark methodology is refined based on a targeted review of how stakeholders view pharma’s role in limiting antimicrobial resistance. Find out more about this review and the experts involved.

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The context

Antimicrobials have revolutionised medical care. However, most will eventually become obsolete as pathogens develop resistance. Read about the situation and how the AMRB Benchmark stimulates pharmaceutical companies to ensure effective antimicrobials remain available.

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What leaders say

All endorsements

"There have been massive improvements in global health in the past decades, with all major pharmaceutical companies taking action. To close the gaps that remain, a greater diversity of companies must get involved and stay engaged."

Jayasree K. Iyer

Executive Director Access to Medicine Foundation

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