How pharma can
reach the poor.

We work every day to change how pharmaceutical companies bring their medicines to the poor. Today, millions of people have yet to benefit fully from modern medicine.

Who we are

The Access to Medicine Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation. We analyse how the world's largest pharmaceutical companies are addressing access to medicine. Find out more about our three research programmes and why we focus on pharma.

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How we drive change

The Foundation has been working to stimulate and guide the pharmaceutical industry to do more for people living in low- and middle-income countries for more than ten years. 

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Work with us

We are a fast-paced international team based in Amsterdam the Netherlands with diverse academic and professional backgrounds. If you think you would be a good fit for our team, then get in touch about one of our current vacancies.

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Governance & financials

The Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation, funded by the UK and Dutch governments, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and AXA Investment Managers. The Foundation is a registered charity in the Netherlands (ANBI-status).

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Our history

The Access to Medicine Foundation was founded in 2003 by Dutch entrepreneur, Wim Leereveld. It started with a single idea: how can we encourage the pharmaceutical industry to do more to help the world’s poorest people access the medicine they need?

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Our team

Our team has diverse academic and professional backgrounds. Our aim is to ensure our research can be constructively applied by the many stakeholders working in access to medicine, and to drive up the standards across the pharmaceutical industry.

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What leaders say

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"There have been massive improvements in global health in the past decades, with all major pharmaceutical companies taking action. To close the gaps that remain, a greater diversity of companies must get involved and stay engaged."

Jayasree K. Iyer

Executive Director Access to Medicine Foundation

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View our detailed overview of each company’s performance in the Index, including breakdowns of their product portfolios and R&D pipelines.

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