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Publication - published on 14 Apr 2020

New products alone are not enough. Pharma can do more to halt COVID-19.

The COVID-19 epidemic will hit the most vulnerable people hardest. In this Viewpoint, Research Programme Manager Danny Edwards explains that the pharmaceutical industry has a responsibility to do more than develop new vaccines and medicines – companies must also help achieve fair, global access to new products.

The pharmaceutical industry is now working toward new treatments and vaccines targeting COVID-19. This is one half of the equation. When those new products leave the pipeline, ensuring they are made widely accessible will be the central issue. People in more vulnerable countries and communities must not be left behind. 

Early and ambitious action by companies sets the standard for others. To stimulate pharmaceutical companies to act now, the Foundation has also compiled a non-exhaustive list of positive actions already being taken by companies, which is included in the PDF download.

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