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News - published on 10 Feb 2015

Pharma companies discuss 2014 Index performances

The 2014 Access to Medicine Index identifies clear opportunities for pharmaceutical companies to improve access to their products. During a month of individual evaluation sessions, companies and the Index team discuss critical steps on the path ahead.

Throughout February, the Index team is talking with each company measured by the Access to Medicine Index. These talks are intended to give companies the chance to discuss their performance in the 2014 Index in-depth with members of our research team. This includes discussing why some policies, practices, products or initiatives receive recognition via the Index methodology, while others don’t. Crucially, the talks also look at areas where specific actions are needed now. Six of the companies measured by the Index are travelling to our offices in Haarlem to hold these meetings face to face.

Index Head of Research, Jayasree K. Iyer: Most of the companies we measure recognise that they can do more to improve access to medicine. These evaluation sessions create a space for discussing how a company can take steps to increase its access-to-medicine footprint.

The 2014 Access to Medicine Index found differences in the ways pharmaceutical companies approach access to medicine. Some target a few specific diseases with deep, comprehensive programmes and initiatives, while others adopt wide-ranging, well-integrated approaches. Some are making only the first moves toward a sustainable access-to-medicine approach. With different R&D pipelines, product portfolios and market presences, companies also all have opportunities for further developing their access-to-medicine policies and practices – as set out in the 2014 Index Company Report Cards.

2014 Index Report Cards

Expanded for the 2014 Index, the 20 company report cards each provide a contextualised analysis of one company’s performance in the 2014 Index:

Company overview : Explanation of t he company’s overall Index rank and scores in each area, with a summary of notable new developments and drivers behind changes in its ranking.

Performance update: Summary of the company’s access-to-medicine performance since 2012, including new commitments and new and/or expanded strategies, activities and programs.

Best practices: Overview of all best and innovative practices identified by the 2014 Index for this company. Practices are included here if they: can be considered best in the industry; solve a problem in access to medicine; represent innovation where progress is needed and/or where a clear gap exists; or could potentially have a significant impact in any of the areas measured.

Portfolio and pipeline: Analysis of the company’s portfolio of marketed products and pipeline of R&D products that fall within the scope of the Index, in line with specific inclusion and exclusion criteria (see the Appendix for more information).

Opportunities for improving access to medicine: Tailored opportunities for the company to improve access to medicine, taking account of its R&D pipeline, product portfolio, current equitable pricing strategies and approach to IP management, among other factors.

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View our detailed overview of each company’s performance in the Index, including breakdowns of their product portfolios and R&D pipelines.

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