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News - published on 19 Jan 2015

Davos 2015: Wim Leereveld on health systems design

On January 22, during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, Index CEO and founder Wim Leereveld will be in Davos to discuss health systems leap-frogging in emerging economies. In a private session organised by the World Economic Forum, supported by the Boston Consulting Group.

Wim will lead a group discussion about the strategic design of health systems, including how to select, incubate and scale up those initiatives that hold the most promise. In the same session, Edith Schippers, Dutch Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports, will lead a discussion about the role of governments in ensuring health systems are delivered successfully and sustainably.

Wim Leereveld: “In the 2014 Access to Medicine Index, we identified many examples of how global pharmaceutical companies are helping low-income countries to leapfrog common challenges involved in building effective health systems – as well as areas where solutions are still broadly lacking. I’m looking forward to sharing these insights in Davos later this week.”

The session is part of a three-year project that aims to reach a holistic understanding of the challenges facing emerging economies and to create strategies for building accessible, high-quality and cost-effective health systems. The project will identify pathways that enable emerging economies to leap over problems encountered by developed economies in building such systems.

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