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News - published on 27 Jan 2015

Access to Medicine Index receives funds from the Postcode Loterij

The Postcode Loterij in the Netherlands has awarded one of its 2015 annual grants to the Access to Medicine Foundation. The cheque was presented at the Postcode Loterij’s annual ‘Goed Geld Gala’ event in Amsterdam on 26 January.

Index CEO and founder, Wim Leereveld: “As a fully independent non-profit organisation, our work is impossible without these donations. This grant will enable us to continue guiding pharmaceutical companies as they work to make their medicines and vaccines available, accessible and affordable for the poorest patients.”

During the gala, the Postcode Loterij announced that it would provide grants to almost one hundred NGOs and charitable organisations. This includes extra funds for strengthening the position of women and girls, and for providing emergency aid, including in Syria, South Sudan, Iraq and the Central African Republic. The Nederlandse Rode Kruis (Dutch Red Cross) and Artsen Zonder Grenzen (Doctors Without Borders) each received €5 million for improving the situations of refugees worldwide who have been driven from their homes. VluchtelingWerk Nederland (Dutch Council for Refugees) received an extra €1 million for supporting the many refugees currently living in the Netherlands. Altogether, the grants totalled €312 million, the highest amount ever.

2.5 million people play the Postcode Loterij each year in the Netherlands, with half of the price of each ticket going to charitable causes.

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