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News - published on 16 Jun 2015

2015 Methodology Review: independent experts meet to evaluate next Index methodology

On 17 June, the Expert Review Committee will gather in Haarlem to review key methodology proposals for the next Access to Medicine Index and the first Access to Vaccines Index.

During the meeting, the Expert Review Committee (ERC) will explore key proposals for refining the way the Access to Medicine Index captures and compares data from pharmaceutical companies. These proposals have been developed by the Foundation’s in-house Research Team in order to align the methodology with changes in the pharmaceutical industry and in access to medicine priorities.

On the agenda
The proposals on the table relate to targeted areas of the Index methodology, including a review of specific areas of measurement in each Technical Area. For example, the ERC will discuss methods for tying the Index R&D measurement more closely to actual needs for new or adapted products. They will also review more nuanced measurements of affordability, and an updated approach to classifying breaches of ethical standards of behaviour.

The ERC will also discuss methodology proposals for the forthcoming Access to Vaccines Index. The drivers behind this new initiative, and its first principles, were first introduced by Head of Research Jayasree K. Iyer in Amsterdam on 20 May.

Ten independent experts
Since the first Access to Medicine Index in 2008, the ERC members have provided independent, strategic guidance to each review of the Access to Medicine Index methodology. The current ERC is made up of ten independent experts, including from the WHO, the industry, NGOs, academia and investors. They each bring to the table an essential perspective on pharmaceutical company activity regarding access to medicine.

For the 2016 Index cycle, we are pleased to welcome five new members to the Expert Review Committee: Sanne Frost Helt (Danish Government), Suzanne Hill (WHO), Aurelia Nguyen (GAVI), Mario Ottiglio (IFPMA) and Helena Vines Fiestas (BNP Paribas Investment Partners). The meeting will be chaired by Professor Hans Hogerzeil, who has been a member of the Expert Review Committee (ERC) since 2012.

Final review
Following the meeting, the Access to Medicine research team will move into the final phases of methodology development, adjusting their proposals in line with recommendations from the ERC. The final methodology will be published in Q4. Data collection phase for the next Access to Medicine Index will start early in 2016.

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