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Media - published on 11 Feb 2020

WHO adviser says an antimicrobial fund can help a market that ‘needs to be fixed’

Following the publication of the 2020 AMR Benchmark and the WHO report on the overall lack of investment in antibiotic development, Ed Silverman of STAT news speaks to Peter Beyer, of the WHO antimicrobial resistance division. The interview is centered around a new investment fund to finance new antimicrobials. 

The WHO has been working for the past few months with the European Investment Bank to create an investment fund with up to $1 billion to finance antimicrobials that have new mechanisms of action. STAT news speaks with Peter about the progress. 

The conversation follows the recent publication of the AMR Benchmark in January 2020, which echoes a warning from the World Health Organization that a lack of private investment and innovation in the development of new antibiotics is undermining efforts to combat drug-resistant infections. 

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