Media - published on 18 Mar 2019

Pharma's Damaged Reputation

Meagan Parrish writes for Pharma Manufacturing, exploring pharma’s current reputation among the general public. Highlighting some of the recent criticism directed at pharma companies, Meagan also looks at the impact a positive reputation can have.

“Pharma companies who are at the top of their reputational game have shown time and again that good governance can be a key driver of profitability and success. Analysts at RI, which measures reputation across numerous industries, have continued to find a strong link between reputation and a company’s bottom line.”

Meagan speaks to Damiano de Felice, Director of Strategy about the research programmes at the Access to Medicine Foundation and how pharma companies can use the indexes to improve their reputation. 

“The general perception is that pharma creates just a win for the companies and not society. We see that many investors and stakeholders now frame the conversation around the ‘license to operate’ … and the importance of pharma maintaining that societal contract so that their business is a win-win for both.”

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