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Media - published on 05 Apr 2019

Pharma industry confronts growing problem of pharmaceutical waste

Amy Brown takes a look at what pharmaceutical companies are doing to curb antimicrobial resistance through antibiotic waste management in this article for Nordic Life Science.

While pharmaceutical companies are stepping up their efforts to tackle AMR, watchdog organisations, the UN, the European Commission and others are demanding that the industry take swifter action and to make those efforts transparent.

Amy Brown interviews Gabrielle Breugelmans from the Foundation to explore what pharmaceutical companies are doing (and could do further) to monitor their waste and by-products.

“Companies should do more in terms of their disclosure of their environmental risk strategy and be more open about the limits they set for their antibiotic waste, and report on the amount of antibiotic containing waste released into the environment,” Breugelmans says. “We’re looking forward to more transparency from the industry. More clarity from regulators would also be welcomed.”

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