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Media - published on 13 Nov 2016

Meer beleggers willen goedkope medicijnen voor de armen

Karel Berkhout reports on the 2016 Access to Medicine Index, describing the importance of the ranking for responsible investors (article in Dutch).

More and more large investors look at investments in pharmaceutical companies. The number of investors increased from 35 to 62 over the past two years. Among those investors, who together manage 5,600 billion dollars in premiums, such as APG, Achmea and Robeco.

That says director Jayasree Iyer of the Acces to Medecine Foundation in an interview in NRC. The foundation published the Access to Medicine Index for the fifth time on Monday. The index measures how the world's twenty largest drug producers in the 106 poorest countries provide better access, for example by investing in the development of vaccines or by being flexible with their patents. (...)

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