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Media - published on 14 Nov 2016

Grote farmaceuten doen meer voor armen

Ellen de Visser reports on the 2016 Access to Medicine Index (article in Dutch).

There seems to be, very slowly, something to change: Big Pharma, usually put away as an unscrupulous, money-hungry industry, appears to be motivated to provide the poorest of the necessary medicines. To investigate diseases that are not commercially interesting at all and that are available.

In a small office in a narrow Haarlems street, fourteen employees successfully measure this billions industry. What gets measured gets done, that was the idea behind the index ten years ago. Conceived by a Haarlem entrepreneur who once was the director of a pharmaceutical company. Of course, the progress is not purely due to the ranking, admits Jayasree Iyer, director of the Access to Medicine Foundation, but that the pharmaceutical companies are open to a personal briefing from Haarlem, that they inform each other about projects and that they definitely do not like dangling down, says something. (...)

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