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Media - published on 27 Jan 2020

En Inde, la résistance aux antibiotiques devient un problème sanitaire très sérieux

This report from Lise Barnéoud of Le Monde looks at how antimicrobial resistance is threatening India's health care systems. It draws on the findings of the 2020 Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark to outline pharmaceutical companies' actions in response to the situation. 

As India has one of the highest rates of antibacterial consumption and one of the highest resistance rates in the world, Le Monde looks at some of the reasons behind these numbers and workable ways to move forward. 

It looks at how pharmaceutical companies are addressing the urgent need for new antibiotics, drawing on two reports made public by the WHO and the results of the latest AMR Benchmark:

The Benchmark reports "progress in the fight against superbugs, but not yet on the scale necessaryOnly 51 product candidates are currently in the final stages of clinical development, which remains weak. Given the unavailability of older antibiotics in low and middle income countries, the new ones are unlikely to reach the people who need them."

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