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Media - published on 21 Jan 2020

Das Versagen der Pharmariesen im Kampf gegen die Super-Erreger

Anja Ettel covers the new Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark for Die Welt, highlighting the risky withdrawal of pharma companies from the antibiotic market. 

The articles describes today's fragile antibiotic market, where large and prominent drugmakers have retreated from the antibiotics field and smaller innovative biotech companies have gone bankrupt due to the poor financial rewards on offer.

Drawing from the results of the Benchmark, the author looks at where progress is being made by pharma companies, even though the market is failing. Jayasree Iyer, Executive Director of the Access to Medicine Foundation, is featured in the article:

“The threat of drug resistance is still not being addressed to the extent necessary. And with the withdrawal of companies from the research and manufacture of antibiotics, the infrastructure of this market is becoming increasingly decentralized and holey, and the hurdles for market entry and supply are increasing."

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