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Media - published on 21 Jan 2020

Aanpak wereldwijde verspreiding antibioticaresistentie lukt onvoldoende

Rinke van den Brink of NOS reports the findings of the latest Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark while describing the current market landscape for antibacterials. 

The article leads with the statement that fewer pharmaceutical companies are developing new antibiotics, while two of the largest players, Novartis and Sanofi, have backed away from the market altogether. 

The article then shifts its focus to the Netherlands, where Rinke describes how antimicrobial resistance is controlled due to its policies on preventing infections and its conservative antibiotic use. 

The progress reported by the Benchmark is then described covering topics on wastewater treatment and decoupling bonuses from sales volumes. Then article then concludes with a snapshot into the leaders' performances but highlights that the pace of change does not match the scale of the AMR challenge.

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