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Conference - Event date: 29 Oct 2019

World Vaccine Congress Europe: Halting the AMR Crisis

Gabrielle Breugelmans, Director of Research at the Access to Medicine Foundation joins a panel discussion at the World Vaccine Congress Europe on Tuesday 29 October in Barcelona.

The World Vaccine Congress is the largest and most established vaccine meeting of its kind, with over 200 leading speakers from the biopharma industry, and more than 700 attendees. Part of this year’s conference focuses on the increasing global threat of antimicrobial resistance. Other topics include the commercial and scientific issues in manufacturing, clinical trials, regulation, immune profiling and human vaccines including influenza, and therapeutic and emerging disease vaccines.

Gabrielle joins the panel discussion: ‘Harmonising priorities in Europe: Role of public health, government strategies and industry to halting the AMR crisis – do we have a consistent message?’ The panel will explore how regulatory and access policies can be used to strengthen utilisation of vaccines in our international action plans to address AMR.

Gabrielle will share insights from the Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark which tracks the pharmaceutical industry’s response to AMR. The Benchmark evaluates 30 companies in their actions to bring AMR under control, and covers R&D, responsible manufacturing, access and stewardship. Take a look at the findings from the first Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark released in 2018.

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