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Lecture - Event date: 24 Sep 2020

Utrecht University: Sustainability, Health & Innovation

On September 24, Fatema Rafiqi, Research Programme Manager for the Access to Medicine Foundation, will join Utrecht University virtually for a series of guest lectures on Sustainability, Health & Innovation.

Fatema will participate in a series of digital guest lectures about challenges for the development and distribution of medicines in resource-restricted settings. The goal of Sustainability, Health & Innovation (SHI) is to teach students about issues related to the development and distribution of medical interventions for low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). 

In her virtual lecture, Fatema will discuss a number of topics, including:

  • Challenges for developing medicines in LMICs and directions for solutions
  • The work of the Access to Medicine Foundation, in particular the rationale for the Access to Medicine Index and the Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark
  • A case study on tuberculosis 
  • Insights on the development and accessibility of prospective COVID-19 interventions in LMICs.

Other guest speakers from the following organisations will also join the lecture:

  • KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation
  • Lygature
  • Phasuma
  • Vereniging Innovatieve Geneesmiddelen (VIG)
  • Ministerie VWS

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