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  • Panel discussion: UKSIF: Edinburgh Analyst Conference
Panel discussion - Event date: 22 Apr 2020

UKSIF: Edinburgh Analyst Conference

On Wednesday 22 April 2020, Damiano De Felice, Director of Strategy at the Access to Medicine Foundation, joined a virtual panel discussion at the Edinburgh Analyst Conference hosted by the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (‘UKSIF’).

The conference provides a key opportunity for UKSIF members to debate and discuss the latest issues facing sustainable and responsible investment and finance in the UK. The virtual panel discussion, entitled ‘Escalating Engagement in 2020,’ looked at how company engagement can be escalated and adapted in view of the current COVID-19 crisis.

Damiano discussed the role of investors and pharmaceutical companies in addressing COVID-19 and antimicrobial resistance, including the  Investor Year of Action on AMR. Damiano focused on how investors can use the Access to Medicine Index and the Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark in their stewardship activities with the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in-light of the current pandemic.

Speakers included:

  • Rishi Madlani, Sustainable Finance Lead, Royal Bank of Scotland (Chair)
  • Jeanne Martin, Climate Campaigns Manager, ShareAction
  • Claudia Chapman, Corporate Governance & Stewardship, Financial Reporting Council
  • Damiano De Felice, Director of Strategy, Access to Medicine Foundation

There is increasing recognition that access to medicine is material for the pharmaceutical industry. More than 95 investors – together managing assets of more than USD 13 trillion – have signed the Access to Medicine Index Investor Statement and committed to using the Index in their investment analysis and engagements with companies. Find out more about our work with investors here.


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