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Webinar - Event date: 15 Jun 2020

Responsible Investor Digital Festival: Responsible investment in pharma

On Monday 15 June 2020, Damiano De Felice, Director of Strategy at the Access to Medicine Foundation, will join a virtual panel discussion at the Responsible Investor Digital Festival: Summer 2020 (‘RI Digifest’) hosted by Responsible Investor.

From Monday 15th to Friday 19th June, RI DigiFest will deliver five days of keynote addresses, high-level plenaries, live Q&As, and thematic breakout sessions exploring the most pressing issues and opportunities in ESG, with a special emphasis on the repercussions of the current pandemic. RI DigiFest is expected to be the biggest on-line responsible investment gathering ever, with an audience of over 10,000 digital attendees across the week.  

The virtual panel discussion, "Responsible investment in pharma," will explore how investors can engage with pharmaceutical companies to ensure that the sector is promoting access to medicine, addressing global health challenges and enforcing good governance. Damiano will focus on financial materiality of access to medicine, antimicrobial resistance, and COVID-19 for investors. Damiano will discuss the specific steps investors can take to make an impact, highlighting the 100+ investors who already integrate findings from the Access to Medicine Index and Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Benchmark into their investing strategies and engagement with pharmaceutical companies. 

Speakers included: 

  • Paul Verney, Senior Reporter, Responsible Investor (Moderator) 

  • Clare Griffin, VP of Trust and Global Health, GSK 

  • Greig Bryson, Investment Director, Global Equities, Nikko AM 

  • Damiano de Felice, Director of Strategy, Access to Medicine 

There is increasing recognition that it is within investors’ influence and interest to deliver impact on access to medicine in the pharmaceutical industry. More than 100 investors - together managing assets of more than USD 14 trillion - have signed the Access to Medicine Index Investor Statement and committed to using the Index in their investment analysis and engagements with companies. Find out more about our work with investors here

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