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Conference - Event date: 04 Jul 2019

Positive Investors Forum 2019: Daring sustainable transformation

On Thursday 4 July, Jayasree K. Iyer, Executive Director of the Access to Medicine Foundation, will join a panel discussion at the Positive Investors Forum 2019.

Organised by Novethic, the Positive Investors Forum connects investors, corporate executives and experts to foster strategies that generate a positive impact on society and the environment. The theme of this year’s Forum is ‘Daring Sustainable Transformation’.

Jayasree Iyer will take part in a panel discussion titled ‘Changing the conversation with investors’, together with Kathleen Tregoning, Executive Vice President, External Affairs at Sanofi (view Sanofi's performance in the 2018 Access to Medicine Index). Anne-Catherine Husson-Traore, CEO of Novethic will chair the discussion.  

Access to medicine is increasingly being seen as a material ESG issue for the pharmaceutical industry, and a growing number of investors are seeking for companies to demonstrate effective management of such ESG factors. In this panel discussion, Jayasree K. Iyer will share insights into how investors use the Access to Medicine Index in their investment strategies. 

91 institutional investors collectively managing assets of $12 trillion, have already committed to using the Access to Medicine Index in their investment analyses and engagements with companies, by signing the Index investor statement. The Sustainability Accounting Standard Board (SASB) also makes explicit reference to the framework of the Access to Medicine Index in the recently published SASB Standard for the Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals industry. 

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View our detailed overview of each company’s performance in the Index, including breakdowns of their product portfolios and R&D pipelines.

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