Jayasree K. Iyer and Clarke Cole speak at ISNTD d³ on vaccines for NTDs

Conference on Neglected Tropical Diseases

The Access to Medicine Foundation’s Jayasree K. Iyer and Clarke Cole will be speaking at the ISNTD d³ meeting, hosted by The International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases (ISNTD). The theme of the event is Drug discovery, development & diagnostics for NTDs and is held on May 16-17th 2017 at the Wellcome Trust in London. Clarke Cole will chair a panel on Access to Vaccines and present the findings of the recently published Access to Vaccines Index, taking a look into vaccines in the pipelines for NTDs. 

Jayasree K. Iyer will join the Roundtable Discussion on Global Partnerships & Collaboration for Discovery & Development. Other members of the Roundtable are: 

• Dr. Magda Moutaftsi – EDCTP

• Ivan Scandale – DNDi

• Paul Wills – MMV

• Dr. Judith Kallenberg – Head of Policy  – GAVI

• Dr. Valerie Oriol Mathieu – Janssen Vaccines & Prevention

Event programme

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