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Conference - Event date: 13 Apr 2019

Hot Topics in Investor Activism: Yale University Conference for Corporate Responsibility

On 13 April, Thomas Collin-Lefebvre, Strategy Research Assistant at the Access to Medicine Foundation, will speak at the Student Conference for Corporate Responsibility taking place at Yale University, New Haven, USA. 

Thomas will join a panel discussion titled 'Hot Topics in Investor Activism', sharing key findings of the 2018 Access to Medicine Index and the Access to Medicine Foundation’s investor engagement programme. The aim of the panel discussion is to broaden students' understanding of financial activism related to specific issues, one of them being access to medicine. 

The Student Conference for Corporate Responsibility is the first ever student-run conference on shareholder engagement, bridging the gap between finance and social activism, building a coalition of undergraduate investment funds and future finance professionals for the purpose of corporate responsibility. The conference is co-hosted by the Dwight Hall SRI Fund and the Intentional Endowments Network.

Investor engagement at the Access to Medicine Foundation
89 institutional investors, collectively managing assets in excess of $11 trillion, have already committed to using the Access to Medicine Index in their investment analyses and engagements with companies, by signing the Index investor statement. The Sustainability Accounting Standard Board (SASB) makes explicit reference to the framework of the Access to Medicine Index in the recently published SASB Standard for the Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals industry. 

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    Thomas Collin-Lefebvre

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