Expert Review Committee for next Index meets in Amsterdam

Consensus building

The Foundation is pleased to welcome members of the Expert Review Committee for the 2018 Access to Medicine Index to its office in Amsterdam on Tuesday 13 June, 2017. During this full-day session, the committee will discuss proposals for the methodology of the next Index. These proposals have been developed by the Foundation’s research team over the course of the previous weeks and months, through discussions with a wide range of experts and specialists working in the access field. The pharmaceutical companies measured have also been asked for input and feedback on the methodology and the Foundation’s data-collection processes.

Since the first Access to Medicine Index in 2008, members of the Foundation’s Expert Review Committee (ERC) have provided independent, strategic guidance to each review of the Access to Medicine Index methodology. The current ERC is made up of independent experts, including from the WHO, the industry, NGOs, academia and investors. They are all active on the access to medicine agenda and together represent a variety of stakeholder groups. The ERC provides external advice on the scope, structure, and analytical approach of the Access to Medicine Index.

For the 2018 Access to Medicine Index, we are pleased to have Professor Hans Hogerzeil chairing once again, and to welcome five new members: Fumie Griego (Assistant-Director General of the IFPMA), Frasia Karua (Interim General Manager for Amref Enterprises), Yo Takatsuki (BMO Global Asset Management), Joshua Wamboga (Chair-Elect of the International Association of Patient Organisations), and Prashant Yadav (University of Michigan).

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