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Conference - Event date: 27 Sep 2018

Beth Boyer to speak at Medicine Quality & Public Health conference in Oxford

On 27 September, Beth Boyer, Researcher at the Access to Medicine Foundation, will join the Medicine Quality & Public Health Conference in Oxford to present the work of the Foundation on evaluating how pharmaceutical companies make high-quality medicines available and accessible in low- and middle-income countries. 

This academic event is organised by University of Oxford, Infectious Diseases Data Observatory, Nuffield Department of Medicine and Wellcome Trust to bring together experts from public health, national regulatory authorities, pharmacy, biomedical, chemistry, law, ethics, cultural and social sciences, the pharmaceutical industry, international organisations, NGOs, national procurement centres, and internet and pharmaceutical forensics. 

Beth will highlight key findings from Access to Medicine Index on pharmaceutical company actions to improve access to quality medicines. She will also share some examples of best practices in capacity building and innovations identified by the Foundation’s research team throughout the past 10 years. The diffusion of best practices is one of the Access to Medicine Foundation’s mechanisms for supporting the pharmaceutical industry to achieve greater access to medicine. The next Access to Medicine Index will be published in November 2018.

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