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Publication - published on 02 Oct 2020

Which information matters most? Transparency by pharmaceutical companies that builds access to medicine plus trust and engagement

The world depends on the pharmaceutical industry for life-saving medicines and vaccines yet trust in the industry is low. Pharmaceutical companies have many opportunities to improve access to medicine – including by sharing specific information with research organisations, NGOs, governments, or the public. 

In this Viewpoint, Marijn Verhoef discusses why and when transparency by the pharma industry matters for access to medicine, and how the Access to Medicine Foundation enables transparency to improve. 

It covers:

  • Who is asking for transparency and how to ensure requests are reasonable
  • Access to medicine as a material issue for pharmaceutical companies
  • The main areas where improvement in transparency is needed to improve access to medicine
  • Transparency as a tool for other organisations working in the field
  • The direct benefits for pharmaceutical companies from greater transparency 
  • Enabling role of the Access to Medicine Foundation in targeting transparency improvements


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