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Publication - published on 06 Oct 2020

The Methodology for the 2021 Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark

The Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark provides the only independent measure of how pharmaceutical companies are responding to treatment-resistant bacterial and fungal diseases. The methodology for the 2021 report enables the tracking of pharma's progress against superbugs and a deeper exploration of the headwinds faced by biotechs driving novel R&D.

To finalise this methodology, the Benchmark research team conducted a targeted review of the previous methodological framework, which included checks of indicators, data sets and analytical approaches, and consultations with expert stakeholders to reconfirm the appropriate role for pharmaceutical companies on AMR. A committee of independent experts (including academics, investors, public sector and industry representatives) reviewed the methodology. 

What the Benchmark measures:

Company scope

Includes large research-based pharmaceutical companies, generic medicine manufacturers; and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs, not scored, will be evaluated in standalone report)

Disease scope

Bacteria and fungi, including those defined as priority bacteria and fungi by the CDC and WHO

Product scope

Includes antimicrobial medicines and vaccines that target bacterial and fungal infections in humans.

Medicines: all innovative, adaptive and (branded) generic medicine; and

Vaccines: both preventive and therapeutic vaccines that target bacteria or fungi

Geographic scope

Includes 102 'access countries' in which challenges around availability of products, and appropriate access, remain significantly higher.

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