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Publication - published on 20 Nov 2020

Sharing surveillance data: the value of collaboration in curbing the next pandemic

Routine drug resistance surveillance is essential for monitoring and controlling the spread of diseases and has proven to be a critical element of addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. Routine surveillance is also a crucial element in controlling the rise of antimicrobial resistance. 

In this viewpoint, authors Francesca Chiara (Senior Advisor, Drug Resistant Infections Programme, Wellcome); Moska Hellamand (Researcher, Access to Medicine Foundation); and Margo Warren (Government Engagement and Policy Manager, Access to Medicine Foundation) make the case for pharmaceutical companies to share surveillance data sets publicly, including through the AMR Register. 

This viewpoint covers:

  • The current landscape of drug surveillance  
  • How drug surveillance is currently gathered and used in both the public and private sectors
  • How data from pharmaceutical companies is valuable in furthering understanding of drug resistance 
  • How combining surveillance data can improve research and development outcomes
  • How the Access to Medicine Foundation and Wellcome's Drug Resistant Infections Team are working together to promote transparency and the wider use of industry data

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  • Margo Warren

    Margo Warren

    Government Engagement & Policy Manager

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