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Publication - published on 09 Jun 2020

Ending the burden of HIV, malaria and TB in children

This series of articles stress the urgent need for new “child-friendly” treatments for HIV, malaria and TB to end the burden these diseases have on children, especially with the looming impact of COVID-19 and emerging drug resistance.

Each article looks at a cross-section of the pharmaceutical companies active in paediatric HIV, malaria and TB and sets out the specific requirements needed to sustain progress and end the burden these diseases have on children. 

Each article focuses on one of the three diseases, covering:

  • The impact these diseases have on children;
  • The challenges that threaten the progress made so far;
  • Areas of reform needed to end the burden on children;
  • Assessment of the current level of paediatric R&D, and the gaps in child-friendly versions of existing medicines.
  • Case studies of real action from pharmaceutical companies and organisations addressing key gaps in paediatric antiretrovirals, antimalarials or antituberculosis drugs.

While each of the three epidemics pose unique challenges, the publication identifies common areas of action as a basis for scaling up progress, linking to pharmaceutical industry, regulators and governments.

Contents at a glance:

Page 4

A blueprint for ending the ‘big three’ burden on children

Page 12

HIV: Despite significant advances in HIV, many children remain at risk

Page 22

Malaria: With signs of progress, challenges still remain

Page 30

TB: TB in children underdiagnosed and undertreated

“I welcome this comprehensive article on ending the burden of HIV, malaria and TB in children, and especially appreciate the strong emphasis on the crying need for children living with HIV to access the most up-to-date paediatric ARVs.”

Sister Mary Owens

Executive Director of COGRI - Nyumbani programs for children living with HIV

"I support the Access to Medicine Foundation's work to draw attention to the pressing issue of paediatric drug resistance and specifically pertaining to HIV, malaria and TB, along with their work to incentivise pharmaceutical companies to do more for children living in low-and-middle-income countries. Going forward, the need for new vaccines and treatments for children to address ongoing epidemics must not be forgotten.''

Professor Mike Sharland

Consultant in Paediatric Infectious Diseases at St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

"No child should die of TB. That is why we’re working with our partners to expand the pediatric R&D pipeline. We welcome this new report for highlighting the progress to date and raising awareness of the work that still needs to be done to advance the development and delivery of new child-friendly MDR-TB treatments.”

Mel Spigelman

President and CEO, TB Alliance

"While COVID19 is dominating health systems globally, many children are still on the frontlines of the ‘big three’ infectious diseases — HIV, malaria and TB — all of which still require urgent vaccine development to save lives. The Access to Medicine Foundation provides important research and analysis on key paediatric access and drug resistance issues and incentivises companies to take action.''

Mette Gonggrijp

Ambassador for Women's Rights and Gender Equality, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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View our detailed overview of each company’s performance in the Index, including breakdowns of their product portfolios and R&D pipelines.

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