Publication - published on 17 Nov 2014

2014 Access to Medicine Index

2014 ranking of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies based on their access-to-medicine performances for high-burden diseases in low- and middle-income countries.

The fourth Access to Medicine Index report provides a finely detailed picture of how the world’s 20 largest research-based pharmaceutical companies address access to medicine. The Index reports on these companies’ access-related policies and practices based on an analysis of 95 indicators, in relation to 106 countries and 47 diseases.

The 2014 Index is led by a pack of six companies with a clear No.1 and a newcomer in the top three. Overall scores are very close in this leading group, but their access approaches differ. Across all positions in the Index, no company excels at everything and several stand out in certain specific areas.

The Access to Medicine Index is an independent initiative that ranks the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies according to what they are doing for the millions of people in developing countries who do not have reliable access to medicine

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