Publication - published on 27 Nov 2012

2012 Access to Medicine Index

2012 ranking of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies based on their access-to-medicine performances for high-burden diseases in low- and middle-income countries.

The Access to Medicine Index is an independent initiative that ranks the world’s 20 largest companies according to their efforts to improve access to medicine in developing countries, highlighting policy and practice that either facilitate or hinder access. It is published every two years by the Access to Medicine Foundation, which aims to encourage pharmaceutical companies to make their products more available, affordable and accessible for the millions of people worldwide who do not have reliable access to medicine.

The Index uses a framework that evaluates company activities in seven areas of activity considered to be key to enhancing access to medicine in developing countries. It analyses 101 indicators across these areas, and within each, the indicators are distributed across four types of action to assess the level of commitment the company demonstrates, how transparent it is about what it is doing, what specific activities it is engaged in and how innovative its approach is.

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View our detailed overview of each company’s performance in the Index, including breakdowns of their product portfolios and R&D pipelines.

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