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Adrián Alonso Ruiz

Adrián Alonso Ruiz is a Researcher, part of the research team for the Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark assessing companies’ approach to antimicrobial stewardship. He holds a BSc. in Pharmacy from Madrid’s Complutense University and a MSc. in Global Health from Barcelona’s Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal-University of Barcelona) and Heidelberg University as part of the tropEd network for higher education in International Health. During his master’s degree he focused on Health Systems Strengthening and access to medicines, presenting his thesis about the relation between international trade law and Pharmaceutical Systems.

Prior joining the Foundation, Adrián worked as a community pharmacist in Madrid and as a clinical laboratory technician in Patzún, Guatemala; where he also assessed a programme to control and reduce the incidence of Diabetes in the community.

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