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Publication - published on 17 Jul 2018

How to accelerate pharmaceutical R&D: A new framework for sharing IP with global health researchers

The global health community has identified priority targets for pharmaceutical R&D. The Index will analyse R&D pipelines for all these targets, as set out in a new article published in Health Research Policy and Systems.

The 2018 Access to Medicine Index will identify which of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies most closely aligns its R&D activities with global health priorities. This is due to a key adjustment to the Index methodology that comes into effect in 2018. Namely, the range of diseases covered by the Index has been expanded to cover all lists priority R&D targets drawn up by leading global health organisations, including the World Health Organization and Policy Cures Research.

The rationale behind this methodology change is set out in detail by Foundation researchers in this article published by the journal Health Research Policy and Systems. The journal is published in collaboration with the World Health Organization.

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