Wim Leereveld

Founder, Member of the Supervisory Board

Wim Leereveld established the Access to Medicine Foundation in 2003 with the aim of encouraging the pharmaceutical industry to do more for the two billion people who still lack access to medicine. In 2008, this led to the publication of the first Access to Medicine Index. After 12 years leading the Foundation, Wim is now a member of its Supervisory Board (1 January, 2016 onwards) and remains closely involved. Wim is active in the dialogue stimulating the pharmaceutical industry to do more to improve access to medicine. More broadly, he focuses on how the private sector can be triggered to address the major challenges of our times.

Prior to 2003, Wim was co-founder of PMSI and Walsh International, leading providers of information services to the healthcare industry. Both Walsh and PMSI later went on to become listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. It was while working so closely with some of the most powerful names in the healthcare industry that Wim was inspired by a single idea: how can we encourage the pharmaceutical industry – which has such potential for changing the world – to do more to help the world’s poorest people access the medicine they need? That idea led to the first Access to Medicine Index.

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