Josefien Knoeff


Josefien Knoeff is a Researcher at the Foundation, and supports the research team working on the 2017 Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark. Josefien holds an MSc in Science, Business & Innovation and a BSc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam, as well as a BSc. in Liberal Arts & Sciences from the University of Amsterdam. During her studies, Josefien specialised in the field of pharmaceutical and life sciences, focusing her Master’s thesis on selection processes and protocols regarding nano-medicines and nano-similars by pharmacists at Vifor Pharma. While completing her degrees, Josefien conducted several research projects, including biochemical research on new targets for neglected diseases at the VU pharmacology lab, and business model research at biotech firm UbiQ and in private healthcare clinics in Tanzania. Before joining the Access to Medicine Foundation, Josefien held a support role in the Private Equity team at Gilde Healthcare, a specialised European healthcare investment firm.

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