Danny Edwards to lead seminar at Boston University School of Public Health

Knowledge sharing

The Access to Medicine Foundation will be in Boston, USA, this Friday, on 21 July. Danny Edwards, Research Programme Manager for the Access to Medicine Index, will lead a seminar at Boston University on the current work of the Access to Medicine Foundation, including a discussion of the methodology for the next Access to Medicine Index.

Each Access to Medicine Index is the product of a two-year process known as the ‘Index cycle’, which begins with a review of the Index methodology. The 2017 Methodology Review for the 2018 Access to Medicine Index is now underway. The Index team is reviewing the Index methodology drawing on feedback from independent experts and stakeholders active in access to medicine. The aim is to align the methodology with changes in access-to-medicine priorities and expectations as to how pharmaceutical companies can make their products available, accessible and affordable to people living in developing countries. The methodology will be published in September, 2017.

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