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Entasis is a biopharmaceutical company, selected for having a pipeline that targets priority pathogens. It was evaluated in the area of Research & Development only. Entasis invested USD 10-20 million in antibiotic drug development in 2016. The company is the leader among other biopharmaceutical companies in scope. It has five projects in its antimicrobial R&D pipeline, all targeting priority pathogens, including one novel antibiotic candidate. Entasis engages in numerous public-private partnerships and agreements with various organisations to develop its antibiotic candidates. Entasis has one R&D project in late-stage clinical development, for which it has an access provision and stewardship commitment in place.


Entasis is a privately held US-based biopharmaceutical company established in 2015 with start-up funding from AstraZeneca and full rights to a subset of its small-molecule anti-infectives pipeline. The company focuses on creating innovative medicines to treat diseases caused by drug-resistant gram-negative bacteria. Its pipeline includes both clinical and preclinical small-molecule antibacterials, targeting, among others, N. gonorrhoeaeP. aeruginosa and A. baumannii. The company’s most advanced drug candidate is zoliflodacin, indicated for the treatment of uncomplicated gonorrhoea. Entasis has no products on the market. In 2016, the company raised USD 50 million in a Series B financing round, which was led by Clarus and included Frazier Healthcare Partners, Novo Holdings A/S and Eventide Fund. This was extended in September 2017 by an additional USD 31.9 million from Pivotal bioVenture Partners, Sofinnova Ventures and TPG Biotech.

Antimicrobial Portfolio

Entasis does not have any products on the market.


Develop stewardship plan for zoliflodacin. Entasis has signed a licensing agreement to ensure access and the responsible use of its antibiotic candidate (zoliflodacin) in late-stage clinical development, that covers 168 countries. It can develop a plan for ensuring appropriate use of the product, on approval, in remaining territories.

A. Research & Development

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Antimicrobial pipeline
5 projects, 5 target priority pathogens

A.2.1–2.2 One novel antibiotic in the clinical pipeline. 

Biopharmaceutical companies in scope were selected based on their pipelines that target priority bacteria. Entasis invested USD 10-20 million in antibiotic drug development in 2016. The company has five projects in its antimicrobial R&D pipeline targeting priority pathogens, largely focusing on gram-negative bacteria. Its novel antibiotic candidate zoliflodacin is an innovative bacterial topoisomerase II inhibitor with a new mode of action, for which no cross-resistance has been described. Although zoliflodacin has broad-spectrum activity, it is currently in development for the treatment of gonorrhoea only. Entasis is seeking to optimize the medicine’s dosing regimen for this indication, as well as limit its widespread use for other indications to prevent emergence of resistance. Additionally, Entasis has particular expertise in the structure and function of bacterial ß-lactamases, and is involved in the development of new and improved ß-lactamase inhibitors in combination with existing ß-lactams. ETX2514 is a broad-spectrum s-lactamase inhibitor, which is being developed in two different combinations: with sulbactam and with imipenem. ETX0282 is a combination of cefpodoxime with a broad-spectrum class A and C ß-lactamase inhibitor.

A.3 Three R&D projects being developed with public partners, including one PDP. 

Entasis is developing three R&D projects in its priority pathogen pipeline through public-private partnership. In July 2017, the company announced a collaboration with Global Antibiotic Research & Development Partnership (GARDP) for the clinical development of zoliflodacin after successfully finishing Phase II studies that were funded and conducted by the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). Through this PDP, GARDP is responsible for the clinical trials, including financing, managing, and coordinating Phase III trials, pharmacovigilance and drug registration in the countries where it has licensing rights. Entasis retains commercial rights in the majority of mature markets, and grants GARDP an exclusive and royalty-free licence (for the treatment of gonorrhoea) with sublicensing rights for global manufacturing and sale and distribution in 168 countries or territories. In March 2017, Entasis received funding from CARB-X to develop ETX0282/cefpodoxime through Phase I clinical development. The company also received a second CARB-X award in October 2017 to progress its discovery-stage penicillin-binding protein inhibitor programme from lead optimization through Phase I clinical trials.

A.4 Access provision and stewardship commitment in place for zoliflodacin. 

Entasis reports that it has an access provision in place and stewardship commitment for its antibiotic in late-stage development. The access provision for its investigational antibiotic (zoliflodacin) has been developed through its collaboration with GARDP. GARDP is responsible for providing access and promoting the responsible use of zoliflodacin in their respective territories (168 countries identified by GARDP where access to medicine is likely limited). Entasis is committed to developing stewardship programmes, as well as affordable and equitable pricing, in order to ensure access in mature markets.

Pipeline targeting priority pathogens


B. Manufacturing & Production

As a biopharmaceutical company with no products on the market, Entasis was not eligible for this Research Area.

C. Appropriate Access & Stewardship

As a biopharmaceutical company with no products on the market, Entasis was not eligible for this Research Area.

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