Report Cards

The 2017 Access to Vaccines Index includes a set of 8 company report cards that provide detailed overviews of how leading vaccine manufacturers and developers are improving immunisation coverage. Click on a company to explore its performance, portfolio and pipeline, as well as opportunities for it to increase access to vaccines.

The 2017 Access to Vaccines Index evaluates how major vaccine companies are improving access to preventive vaccines for 69 priority diseases – including HIV/AIDS, Ebola and Zika – in 107 high-need countries. 

There are eight vaccine companies in scope: eight large research-based pharmaceutical companies based in mature markets and one vaccine manufacturer based in an emerging market. Each companies' performance in the Index is detailed in its Report Card. 

The report cards are divided into five sections:

Performance This section explains the relevance of the company for the Access to
Vaccines Index and its overall performance. It covers the drivers behind its scores
 and the main areas where the company scores well or poorly compared to peers

Sales and Operations This section provides a general description of the company’s operations globally, including changes in its business (such as acquisitions or divestments) in recent years with a particular focus on its vaccines business.

Vaccine portfolio This figure shows the number of vaccines the company markets globally for diseases in scope, as of January 2017. This includes, but is not limited to, vaccines included for scoring in two of the Research Areas: Pricing & Registration and Manufacturing & Supply.

Opportunities This section outlines tailored opportunities for the company to improve access to its vaccines.

Research areas This section summarises the company's performance per Research Area. In R&D, this includes an overview of the preventive vaccine candidates being developed for the 69 diseases in scope. 

Why these eight companies?

The vaccine market is highly consolidated, with a small group of companies generating the majority of global revenues. In 2014, four companies accounted for 80% of global vaccine revenues. The 2017 Access to Vaccines Index analyses 8 of the world’s largest vaccine developers and manufacturers, selected based on the size and/or volume of their vaccine businesses and whether they have relevant, high-need vaccines on the market or in their pipelines.  

Data submitted by companies has been verified, cross-checked and clarified by the research team using public sources and supporting documentation provided by the companies.

For more information, download the methodology report.

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