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Strong transparency on where products are registered




Only company to publish full details of the registration status of its products. A full list is available on company website.




To give insight into which products are potentially available in specific countries.


Transparency about whether products are registered is useful for procurers, pharmacists and generic medicine manufacturers (and others) looking to make the product available.

Companies that provide detailed information about where their products are registered offer a key method of evaluating the scope of potential access to those products. Information can help others to determine whether products are likely to be available in specific countries and if new products are registered soon after first global market launch. It can also give generic medicine manufacturers and regulatory health authorities a better understanding of the geographic extent of a products availability.

Only company to publish registration status of products
The Index examines whether pharmaceutical companies publicly disclose the registration status for most (and ideally all) of their products in scope. Even so, Gilead is the only company to publish full details of the registration status of the majority of its products in scope of the Index, including registration information for priority countries.

On its website, for example, it publishes a clear list of details for products corresponding to HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, and visceral leishmaniasis. This allows stakeholders to see which products are available in which countries. It shows whether products have been filed for registration or approved for market use by local health authorities or regulatory bodies.

What makes this a best practice?
The initiative first received credit in 2016 as a best practice. Two years on, Gilead is again the only company to provide this level of detailed information about registration status for the majority of its products in countries in scope. As the initiative places few strains on resources and capacity, it appears highly sustainable.

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