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Innovative practice

New pilot programme considers more than just health




Dunga Beach Biogas Project, that aims to reduce air pollution and improve respiratory health, also contributes to local economic and employment development.




To reduce exposure to air pollution and improve the respiratory health of those living in Kisumu, Western Kenya.


The programme is exploring how simple, sustainable technology can improve health and economic outcomes.

AstraZeneca’s Dunga Beach Biogas Project is a pilot programme that aims to reduce exposure to air pollution and improve the respiratory health of those living in Kisumu, Western Kenya. The programme came out of a partnership with Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership (CISL), and involves a local firm, Biogas International Ltd (BIL).

What makes this initiative innovative?
The programme takes an innovative multi-pronged approach, aiming to improve or mitigate impacts not only on health, but also on the local environment and economy. Specifically, the pilot will launch biogas plants in Dunga Beach to convert organic waste into clean energy.

How does the initiative perform against the good practice standards?
Measured against the good practice standards, this initiative meets all but one: AstraZeneca does not yet measure outcomes or impact. However, the programme has clear and measurable objectives, and AstraZeneca reports to the Index that, with its partners, it is finalising measurement plans.

CISL, AstraZeneca’s partner, developed the programme after identifying local needs and environmental challenges. It then approached AstraZeneca to partner in the programme’s health component. The partnership is governed through regular meetings between partners, including the Ministry of Health, and detailed governance processes are laid out in the services agreement. Conflicts of interest are mitigated through letters of assurance and as part of training for implementation partners. 

CISL and AstraZeneca’s partnership with the Ministry of Health and the local biogas company helps to increase the likelihood that this pilot programme will be sustainable and will provide long-lasting improvements to local health, the environment, and the local economy.

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