In-depth and long-running analyses of pharma action.

The Index is a tool for driving change in the pharmaceutical industry. It identifies best practice, tracks progress and shows where critical action is needed to improve access to medicine for the poor.

What we measure

The 2021 Index analyses how 20 of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies are addressing access to medicine in 106 low- and middle-income countries for 82 diseases, conditions and pathogens. Find out more about the scope of the Index research.

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How we measure

The Index evaluates pharmaceutical companies in areas where they have the biggest potential and responsibility to make change, such as R&D and pricing. Find out more about the analytical framework and areas of evaluation.

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The research process

The Foundation’s team of researchers measures company behaviour using a rigorous process of data-collection, verification, scoring and analysis. Find out more about what these phases involve.

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Put the Index to use

The Access to Medicine Index is a tool for change. It identifies what is working where and why to provide blueprints for expanding good practice in R&D, pricing, licensing, and more. Find out who is using this research and how it can help your work.

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Why access matters

Millions of people today cannot access medicine when they need to. This can be due to price, empty pharmacy shelves or other factors. Find out more about the situation and how the Index stimulates pharmaceutical companies to help turn it around.

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How we work with experts

Every two years, the Index methodology is refined based on a targeted review of how stakeholders view pharma’s role in access to medicine. Find out more about the review process and how experts get involved.

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"There have been massive improvements in global health in the past decades, with all major pharmaceutical companies taking action. To close the gaps that remain, a greater diversity of companies must get involved and stay engaged."

Jayasree K. Iyer

CEO, Access to Medicine Foundation

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