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The Access to Medicine Index is a tool for change. It identifies what is working where and why to provide blueprints for expanding good practice in pricing, licensing, R&D and more. Find out who is using this research and how it can help your work.

The Index can be used to stimulate and guide change in the pharmaceutical industry in multiple ways:

Use the Index to stimulate pharma companies to compete on priority access topics 
The Index identifies the best performers on access to medicine in each area analysed. By publicly recognising companies’ positive actions, we trigger other companies to join a “race to do well” on priority health targets and topics.

Use the Index to share and expand best practices
The Index identifies best practices within the industry, where more action is needed, and where external mechanisms for engaging the industry in access issues are working. The research can be used as a jumping-off point for putting these practices to use and for connecting with the people and organisations involved.

Use the Index for guidance on how pharmaceutical companies can improve access to medicine
The methodology and Index scoring guidelines are used by access teams working within pharmaceutical companies as an independent framework for redirect access strategies and corporate behaviour. Every two years, we engage with specialists working in access to medicine to review how stakeholders view pharma’s role in access to medicine, in order to update the Index metrics. 

Use the Index in engagements with pharma companies
The Foundation organises workshops with stakeholders looking to dive more deeply into our research findings. Each report card identifies specific opportunities for the company to improve access to its products, tailored to its portfolio and pipeline. Investors use the Index to assess whether pharmaceutical companies are strengthening their licence to operate and expand in emerging markets. To date, 95 investors managing assets over USD 13 trillion endorse the Index. 

For more ideas about how you can use the Index in your work, get in touch.

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View our detailed overview of each company’s performance in the Index, including breakdowns of their product portfolios and R&D pipelines.

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