How we drive change

The Foundation has been working to stimulate and guide the pharmaceutical industry to do more for people living in low- and middle-income countries for more than ten years. 

3-part model for change

Our mission is to stimulate and guide pharmaceutical companies to do more for the people who live in low- and middle-income countries. To achieve this mission, we use a three-part model for change that takes our research as its starting point.

1. Build stakeholder consensus

We build consensus on where pharmaceutical companies can and should be taking action to improve access to medicine. Every two years, we translate the stakeholder consensus into clear metrics for measuring company behaviour. The Foundation was the first organisation to determine the path for pharma companies to follow.

2. Stimulate pharma companies to compete on priority health topics

Our research identifies the best performers on access to medicine. By publicly recognising companies’ positive actions, we trigger other companies to join a “race to do well” on priority health targets and topics.

3. Share best practices and spur collaboration

Our research identifies best practices within the industry, where more action is needed, and where external mechanisms for engaging the industry in access issues are working. We facilitate the wider application of best practices and the development of new approaches to long-standing barriers to access. We engage with experts from across the industry and access-to-medicine space, for example, to improve companies’ long-term thinking on access and to increase the application of best practices.

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